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So, work has been kicking my butt and so has parenting. I'm just... starved for writing. I had a great time yesterday finishing my Not Prime Time fic, but it was killer stressful, because I was so close to deadline and just had no time before the last few days.

I stupidly signed up for all this writing this year and haven't done much, and it's making me feel like I'm failing. Stress is not supposed to be part of my writing! So I'm officially giving myself permission to write for fun and only for fun for the rest of the month. No assignments, no series worries, nothing. Just write everyday and only worry about writing for at least half an hour.

That said, here's my hc_bingo card. For inspiration, not expectation. 

My hc_bingo card )
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Seriously. Something. Anything. Brain will not turn out the little words and it's driving me mad.

How about... You give me one line of dialogue (fandom optional), and I'll write you a ficlet? By the end of May.

Seriously, I am SO writer's blocked! 
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So, I got my [community profile] ante_up_losers submission in just under the wire last night and then inspiration hit and I added a bit to it today. Might tweak some more over the weekend, but it's done! YAY!

Moving on to the next thing, which is finishing the Tascosa Saga, while maybe diddling around with my [community profile] mag7bingo card to help with inspiration. I REALLY need to start writing again, but I've been hired on as a full-time SALARIED employee now, so I don't know how much time I'll have to write. Just know I need to.

Therefore... On to torturing Buck! Because it's fun!

Look, Ma! Only 294,000 words to go in my [community profile] getyourwordsout pledge. Yay? :headdesk:
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Okay, those who know me will LAUGH at this bingo card from [community profile] mag7bingo. It was clearly hand-picked just for me!

JD: Taught a lesson Crossover Josiah and Ezra: Card games Holidays Wing!fic
High school/University Doppelgangers/Evil Twins Magic in the modern world Nathan and Vin: Silence Epistolary fic
Vampires Nathan and Ezra: Opposite sides of a coin WILD CARD Psychic abilities Vin: Amazing Grace
Time Travel Apocalypse Josiah and Vin: The bible Josiah: Scared of something Zombies
Judge Travis: Justice Nathan: Wants to go home In Vino Veritas Vin: Getting lost Presumed Dead
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So, here's my request letter for Not Prime Time 2017. Because I should totally have a request letter, right?

Magnificent Seven TV request:
First, I love the original universe LIKE PIE. Territorial disputes that turn violent, the boys mixed up in intrigues, plain old fashioned shoot-outs in the Old West. LIKE PIE, I say! I don't like Ezra being the completely untrusted one. I like him and Chris having sort of a love-hate relationship (how much love is up to you) but basically working together okay. 

But I also like AUs. I have a Supermagnificent AU that I'd love to see additions to, or my Zombie AU, or any AU really—as long as all the boys are their actual ages, not kids.

I like Buck. A lot. I like Buck being competent and caring, and I like him and JD being brothers without JD being a total comic foil of naive incompetence. I like reflective Josiah (with or without Vin—or Nathan, for that matter). And I like the power of the Seven, all working together and being awesome. I don't like Nathan-bashing AT ALL.

Firefly request:

I love Zoe and Wash. A lot. I like Mal interacting with everyone. I love Book. Jayne is not my fav, but he's fun, too. And River and Kaylee and Simon. Everyone. You get a lot of latitude from me in the Firefly universe, but as much as my own fic there is depressing, I like upbeat. Weird, huh?

Babylon 5 request:
Pretty much what I said. I like Garibaldi and Sinclair (friends or nonexplicit slash). And I love Ivanova (if you're wanting explicit there, you go right ahead :)!)

The Losers request:
Really the only things I don't like in Losers fic are explicit Roque/Clay and Pooch with anyone but Jolene. Oh, I don't like explicit het, but Aisha and Clay or Pooch and Jolene snogging is cool. Or off-screen sex. I like firefights, the team rescuing each other, and the idea of them all surviving a Zombie Apocalypse together (see Losers and Zombies series here, which I'd love a contribution to).

Special Crossover request:
I'd ADORE a fic where the Losers meet the Magnificent Seven ATF. I don't care if it's Coug and Vin meeting during sniper training or Jake and Ezra scamming together or Jensen and JD talking tech or Clay and Chris kvetching. I'd just love to see the two universes collide, right?
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Here's a link to my picfor1000 submission!

Again, my prompt is here.

Solitary Soldier
by Deannie
Losers (Comic book)
Part of my Chasm-verse
Summary: The tree was tall and leafless until you got to the poof of scraggly hair at the top. It really was the only tree for about 200 yards, which had struck them both as strange the day they'd first come upon it.

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This is pretty cool, actually:

My pic for picfor1000 

This could either be incredibly depressing (Losers) or incredibly sappy (... Losers).

Um. Thinking I'll be writing Losers fic for this one.
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So, writing? Not going so good this year. I've written a total of 200 new words, which kind of sucks when you consider that I pledged 300,000 to [community profile] getyourwordsout . Part of me wants to lower my pledge before the deadline, and part of me wants to use it as a kick in the pants to do better. 

Not sure why I haven't been able to get back into it, now the kids are back at school. It's like the two-week break just killed my brain. I'm working on a series I've plotted pretty significantly, so it isn't like I need to come up with what happens next, you know? I just can't seem to write what happens next. BLAH!

Anyway, I think, starting today, I'll simply require myself to write at least 50 words a day—even if it's crap. Just... power through, right?

Here's the list of stuff I want to get done this year (and yes, I'm giving myself the year to do it because I don't want to make myself feel worse and stop writing altogether, right?)

The Tascosa Saga—(Magnificent Seven, Supermagnificent AU) This was originally going to be a blackout for my [community profile] hc_bingo  card, but of course, that deadline is past. That said, I like the series and [personal profile] farad  has written two fics for it, and... yeah. I have three of the remaining twelve to thirteen fics in progress and I have a vid already done and a writing soundtrack (it was going to be a multimedia bingo, so... yeah) and there are the two podfics of [personal profile] farad 's work to do...  
     I'm actually thinking, now I don't have the bingo constraining me, of rolling some of these in together and maybe dropping a couple of plot points that were only there because I had the bingo to satisfy. And then I think, "but you created the series because of the bingo, so isn't welshing on that sort of... wrong?" We'll see. 

Cowboys and Zombies—(Magnificent Seven, Old West Zombie AU) Boy... this needs some serious work. I wrote a bunch of one-offs in this universe for They Came Upon a Midnight Clear, and now I have to add them to the series and reorder it and do silly things like actually finish the fic where Vin joins Four Corners, since he's already there in both Cold Snap and Controlling the Monsters... It'd be nice if I could actually finish the original plotline for that one, too. I'd like to think it'll make the wait worth it.

Star Trek: AOS fic—I like this universe. I do. I just need to find more reasons to write in it.

Original fic—Yes, I do have some. Or plans for it anyway. Last year, I told [personal profile] celli  that my plan for NaNoWriMo was to plot out an original novel before November and then spend November writing it. I want to actually try that this year. :)

To whit... Challenges and such like:

picfor1000—A lovely, short-deadline writing challenge. slodwick gives you a picture, you write an exactly 1000-word fic in any fandom. Sounds easy, right? Assignments go out February 1 and fics are due March 31. You can still join until January 31, btw... Just saying.

[community profile] ante_up_losers —Again, a nice, quick deadline fanwork exchange. I offered a few different kinds of fanwork. We'll see what I get. Sign ups are via Archive of Our Own, and the deadline for them is February 3. Assignments go out on February 5, and works are due April 21. It's fanwork exchange, though, so if you signup, you gotta do it, or else someone doesn't get a gift. :sob:

[community profile] hc_bingo —Ah bingo, how I love and loathe you! Totally undecided on whether I'll do it this year. It was fun last year, but I felt really bad at the end of it for not having finished the bingos I had in progress. I don't like feeling bad about my writing, yo.

NaNoWriMo—Yes, I'll sign up again this year. And I might even do what I told celli I'd do. Maybe.

That's all from me right now. Must go and be a mom after spending the morning being a worker. I spend a lot of time being all kinds of things, but since the new year, a writer hasn't been one of them... sigh.
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I wish I could come up with 8 million ideas for you to
choose from, but I only have a few. That said, I'd love anything! 

I like Coug/Jensen slash or gen or any way I can get them. I like Clay and Roque (gen) pre-canon. I love the idea of a Magnificent Seven ATF crossover, maybe when Vin was a special forces sniper, but that's a rarified taste. I like action, brainy stuff, hurt/comfort... not hugely into PWPs, but I could be convinced...

I have a zombie AU that I wouldn't mind a contribution to. Or the seriously effed up world of A Chasm in Two Jumps. My stuff is here. Check out and ignore at will. 

I don't know, I think that's all for now.

THANK YOU in advance. I'm excited to see what you create!

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There's... a lot to review.

So, prior to 2016, I'd never done a yearly challenge, nor really thought about writing a specific number of words a day nor fics a month. I just wrote.

This past year, I knew I needed writing as a pressure valve, so I set myself a goal by going to [community profile] getyourwordsout and pledging what I thought was an ambitious 250,000 words. That was 600+ words a day, which, come on, I surely couldn't write, right?

Except that I ended the year with a word count of 380,333 and a posted fic count of 89. Yes, you read that right, 89. 

I'm really just flabbergasted. But a little peeved at myself, too.

So, I do [community profile] hc_bingo every year, and I usually get at least one bingo written. This year I got four completed and started three more. And I did all but one of the extras. So why am I peeved at me? Because I should have been able to complete at least one of those incomplete bingos. I really should have. I just let myself be distracted by new shinies all over the place and, well, that happened. Sigh! 2017 is the year of completion, darn it! I say it every year, but I totally mean it this time!

Anyway, I'm not going to post a link to every fic because, dude, did I mention there were 89 of them? Instead, I give you a link to a search on AO3 of all the fics I completed and posted there last year: GO FORTH AND BROWSE!

My goal for 2017 is to actually finish things. The zombie bingo I was writing doesn't need to be finished, and neither does the crossover one, since neither was a series in the classical sense—just unrelated fics sharing a related theme—but the Supermagnificent AU blackout bingo MUST BE FINISHED. I really like it, I've worked with [personal profile] farad on it extensively (she's written two fics for it and is letting me podfic them)... It must be done.
Also to finish, Cowboys and Zombies. It needs some extensive work, but I want it done as well.

I've pledged 300,000 words for [community profile] getyourwordsout this year. We'll see how that goes. I'll write a separate post about my plans for 2017, but I'm hoping I'll still be churning out lots of fic. Good fic, if possible :).

Now I'm off to bed, because I needed to sleep today, but I haven't had a minute's screen time in a week, it seems like. Three kids home on Christmas break is something we've never done before. It's a lot!

Cheers all!

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This picspam is part of a series called The Tascosa Saga, which is part of the Supermagnificents AU. 

Benjamin Franklin said... )
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(This is inspired by the hc_bingo prompt Mistaken Identity.)

Fandom is known for throwing its characters into new and unusual situations. In part, of course, it’s why we write—because we’re craving something the source media isn’t giving us (or isn’t giving us enough).

Sometimes that means more than just making Starsky and Hutch go through a wicked undercover job involving cross-dressing and psycho killers. Sometimes, it involves taking the characters out of their own universe and putting them into ours. It’s called writing an alternate universe, and in the Magnificent Seven fandom, we do it a lot.

I mean a lot, people... )

In conceiving my Supermagnificent universe, I went in knowing that I wanted other people to write in it. I didn’t want to be alone in my sandbox. Taking a page from MOG’s handbook, I posted a bible for the universe and tried to leave enough open and unanswered in the origin piece, Assembly, to allow others to grab any of the many balls and run with them.

Has it succeeded? Well, it’s early yet. The problem, as an AU originator, appears to me to be letting the AU grow without you. I have HUNDREDS of ideas about how the boys could work. I want to write them all, but I don’t want others to look at that as canon.

So this series I’m writing now? It isn’t canon. There IS no more canon. There are only  Assembly and the bible, okay? I promise. See the super version of the boys anyway you want—every way you want.

That’s the funny old thing about Magnificent Seven fandom, it seems. We all see the boys in a thousand different faces, and we want everyone else to see them, too.

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So... I done fixed Nanowrimo's little red wagon! 51,554 words, my friends. IS AWESOME!

It turned out to be one whole bingo, two random fics, and five Supermag blackout fics. I'm really planning to finish the Supermag blackout by the end of the year, and I'm working on They Came Upon a Midnight Clear (which is also a blackout, I hope), and...

Anyway, here's a rundown of everything as we head into the last month of the Year of Writing...

A rundown on the writing of me... )

I'm trying to find time to write every day between now and when the kids go on Christmas break. We'll see how much I accomplish...
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Please get in your prompts for They Came Upon a Midnight Clear, my yearly zombies for Christmas project. 

You can prompt using a reference to a bingo square even if it's already taken—I won't be able to get everything done, I fear, but I'm darn sure gonna try!

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So, on the good side, I'm just shy of 33,000 for the month of November, just over 327,000 for the year, and lots and lots of fics into hc_bingo.

On the bad side, I have two series that are both for hc_bingo and both superfun to write and... neither is allowing me to finish it.

Add to that, I haven't even started ONE fic for They Came Upon a Midnight Clear. (PLEASE PROMPT ME, BTW!) and I have only three of 10 Crossover Cross fics done... MUH. Need more hours in the day, yo.

A rundown on the writing of me... )

I'm really frustrated, actually. I'm trying to get the Supermagnificents Blackout done, but it's hard going. And I don't want to post the prequel (that's the straight line extra that's complete but unposted) until I've got the rest ready to go. And I'd like to get the Star Trek Reboots out because I like them, but again, the series is an actual series, and I want them all written.

And then there's They Came Upon a Midnight Clear. Which I really want to do again this year—and RIGHT this time. 

BLAH!  I need to have some inspiration and a few uninterrupted weeks of writing.


Nov. 8th, 2016 01:27 pm
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 Everyone go vote!

I wrote a fic about voting—which I never done before: Power of the Majority (Magnificent Seven)

Now I'm going to go work out and not watch the CNN (or God forbid, Fox News) that I KNOW will be on in the gym. Headphones, my dears! LA LA LA!!!

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 This one goes with my story Found at the Foot of Fallen Bluff, and fulfills the [community profile] hc_bingo  prompt "Secret Identity Discovered" (even if Hannibal didn't know it was discovered). It's a scene I always wanted to see—Hannibal Heyes and Ezra Standish, playing poker. 
Showing Your Hand for a Friend )

I know, not the coolest piece of art you've ever seen, but... Best I can do. For two men who play poker so darn much, it's hard to get them playing from complementary camera angles!
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They Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Yes, I know, it isn't even Halloween, and normally I wouldn't even think to post this call now, BUT... Last year sucked. I got almost no zombie Christmas fics written, and the ones I did I mostly wasn't happy with, so this year, I shall prepare!!

To whit....

Calling All Zombie Fans!

I aim to write 25 zombie fics (winter-festival-theme optional) to be published one a day between December 1 and December 25. But I need your help. Please prompt me here! Anything you want, as long as zombies are involved. Keep in mind that zombie has a lot of meanings, so, you know, go nuts.

If you want to, you can help me fill a whole zombie blackout bingo in my [community profile] hc_bingo  card. It's under here, if you want to take a look and see if you have a prompt that fits it. If an hc_bingo prompt is taken, it'll be zombified because I think that's cool.

Card waiting to be zombified... )

SO... Any ideas?

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So, I'll be writing not a novel, but a connected series of Supermagnificent Seven stories for nanowrimo this year. Check me out here.

Also, I'll be putting up a request for zombie prompts for a new season of Christmas Zombie fics I like to call They Came Upon a Midnight Clear. I'll try to at least start slotting those in during writer's block moments in November. The goal, as always with zombies, is to have one zombie fic for each day between the first of December and Christmas. It'd be cool to slot them all into my hc_bingo card, but that might stretch me too much. I failed miserably with Comfort and Joy and Zombies last year, so I'm trying to get a jumpstart on things this year. 

I've completed my [community profile] getyourwordsout  goal of 250,000 words already this year, but this MONTH, I've only written 9000 words. Not good. I'm hoping to finish one story at least by Halloween. Can't decide if it'll be a Cowboys and Zombies story or just something spooky, but I must write something!
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  [community profile] hc_bingo , three and a half (almost) months in and I'm already falling down on the documenting job. This should have been done a week and a half ago, but... c'est la vie!

Currently I have 35 works posted as part of completed bingos or extras, 2 posted for an in progress bingo, and 1 more that is completed but not posted as a sequel to an in progress bingo. Definitely don't suck

Oh, and my total (posted) word count for the card is 59,799. Lunacy, truly.

My bingo card (which I no longer admit to ever having hated) is here.

The chaos is within. )

Will this Bingo Night ever end!? 


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