Apr. 21st, 2017

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So, here's my request letter for Not Prime Time 2017. Because I should totally have a request letter, right?

Magnificent Seven TV request:
First, I love the original universe LIKE PIE. Territorial disputes that turn violent, the boys mixed up in intrigues, plain old fashioned shoot-outs in the Old West. LIKE PIE, I say! I don't like Ezra being the completely untrusted one. I like him and Chris having sort of a love-hate relationship (how much love is up to you) but basically working together okay. 

But I also like AUs. I have a Supermagnificent AU that I'd love to see additions to, or my Zombie AU, or any AU really—as long as all the boys are their actual ages, not kids.

I like Buck. A lot. I like Buck being competent and caring, and I like him and JD being brothers without JD being a total comic foil of naive incompetence. I like reflective Josiah (with or without Vin—or Nathan, for that matter). And I like the power of the Seven, all working together and being awesome. I don't like Nathan-bashing AT ALL.

Firefly request:

I love Zoe and Wash. A lot. I like Mal interacting with everyone. I love Book. Jayne is not my fav, but he's fun, too. And River and Kaylee and Simon. Everyone. You get a lot of latitude from me in the Firefly universe, but as much as my own fic there is depressing, I like upbeat. Weird, huh?

Babylon 5 request:
Pretty much what I said. I like Garibaldi and Sinclair (friends or nonexplicit slash). And I love Ivanova (if you're wanting explicit there, you go right ahead :)!)

The Losers request:
Really the only things I don't like in Losers fic are explicit Roque/Clay and Pooch with anyone but Jolene. Oh, I don't like explicit het, but Aisha and Clay or Pooch and Jolene snogging is cool. Or off-screen sex. I like firefights, the team rescuing each other, and the idea of them all surviving a Zombie Apocalypse together (see Losers and Zombies series here, which I'd love a contribution to).

Special Crossover request:
I'd ADORE a fic where the Losers meet the Magnificent Seven ATF. I don't care if it's Coug and Vin meeting during sniper training or Jake and Ezra scamming together or Jensen and JD talking tech or Clay and Chris kvetching. I'd just love to see the two universes collide, right?
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Okay, those who know me will LAUGH at this bingo card from [community profile] mag7bingo. It was clearly hand-picked just for me!

JD: Taught a lesson Crossover Josiah and Ezra: Card games Holidays Wing!fic
High school/University Doppelgangers/Evil Twins Magic in the modern world Nathan and Vin: Silence Epistolary fic
Vampires Nathan and Ezra: Opposite sides of a coin WILD CARD Psychic abilities Vin: Amazing Grace
Time Travel Apocalypse Josiah and Vin: The bible Josiah: Scared of something Zombies
Judge Travis: Justice Nathan: Wants to go home In Vino Veritas Vin: Getting lost Presumed Dead
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So, I got my [community profile] ante_up_losers submission in just under the wire last night and then inspiration hit and I added a bit to it today. Might tweak some more over the weekend, but it's done! YAY!

Moving on to the next thing, which is finishing the Tascosa Saga, while maybe diddling around with my [community profile] mag7bingo card to help with inspiration. I REALLY need to start writing again, but I've been hired on as a full-time SALARIED employee now, so I don't know how much time I'll have to write. Just know I need to.

Therefore... On to torturing Buck! Because it's fun!

Look, Ma! Only 294,000 words to go in my [community profile] getyourwordsout pledge. Yay? :headdesk:


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