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This is pretty cool, actually:

My pic for picfor1000 

This could either be incredibly depressing (Losers) or incredibly sappy (... Losers).

Um. Thinking I'll be writing Losers fic for this one.
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Here we are, nearly a month into [community profile] hc_bingo . How am I doing? Well, let's see, shall we?
To do a run on the card (every possible bingo, every possible extra, every possible achievement), you need to have an absolute minimum of 134 fills (you need to have 10 bingos to fulfill all the content-based achievements and two blackouts to make sure you got the blackout subachievements, you know). So... yeah. That's a lot! 

Currently I have 14 works completed as part of completed bingos, plus 3 more that are completed for bingos in progress. Only 117 to go.


Anyway, My bingo card (which I initially hated, but now kind of like a lot, mostly) is here.

The chaos is within. )

The obsession continues....
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So I wrote something completely different. My 300th post at AO3 is...

Why Author Drinks
multi-fandom, implied slash, crack

In script form.

Off to do... something not fic related. Steve Rogers is eating my brain and I resent him for it, so I'm going to go make a stir-fry or something.

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 I suddenly realized today while putting the kids down for their naps (and I suppose it's all kinds of wrong that that is when it popped into my fron) that I have a great many Mag7 stockings to fill! Many of them slash.

Must find time to get in slash writing mood....
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 Hi all!

It's Deannie. I'm trying to get back into the fandom thing and some of my current fandoms seem to have migrated to DW in my 7-year absence (imagine—change!), so here I am. I did something totally crazy, too. I set up a writing prompt community:

[community profile] doquotemefic 

Once a week (at least), I'll post a quote and have people (hopefully) write responses. Any fandom, any genre, any thing....

Come on—you know you wanna!


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