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(This is inspired by the hc_bingo prompt Mistaken Identity.)

Fandom is known for throwing its characters into new and unusual situations. In part, of course, it’s why we write—because we’re craving something the source media isn’t giving us (or isn’t giving us enough).

Sometimes that means more than just making Starsky and Hutch go through a wicked undercover job involving cross-dressing and psycho killers. Sometimes, it involves taking the characters out of their own universe and putting them into ours. It’s called writing an alternate universe, and in the Magnificent Seven fandom, we do it a lot.

I mean a lot, people... )

In conceiving my Supermagnificent universe, I went in knowing that I wanted other people to write in it. I didn’t want to be alone in my sandbox. Taking a page from MOG’s handbook, I posted a bible for the universe and tried to leave enough open and unanswered in the origin piece, Assembly, to allow others to grab any of the many balls and run with them.

Has it succeeded? Well, it’s early yet. The problem, as an AU originator, appears to me to be letting the AU grow without you. I have HUNDREDS of ideas about how the boys could work. I want to write them all, but I don’t want others to look at that as canon.

So this series I’m writing now? It isn’t canon. There IS no more canon. There are only  Assembly and the bible, okay? I promise. See the super version of the boys anyway you want—every way you want.

That’s the funny old thing about Magnificent Seven fandom, it seems. We all see the boys in a thousand different faces, and we want everyone else to see them, too.

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I am a complete and utter moron and had to redo the poll because I screwed up and made the answers viewable to all!


Anyway, let's try this again. Those of you who voted before will have to vote again, or I'll aggregate your previous answers in when I do the mathematical leg work. Your choice!

Hey all!

I've been thinking about the way networks track the popularity of shows for a while now, and I finally decided to just make a poll to find out people's viewing patterns. This poll is relatively simplistic, I know, but I'm trying to get at exactly how many people actually watch television as tradition television.

This isn't being posted anywhere, the answers are completely confidential, and I'm pretty much just doing it for my own geekiness. I promise!

Feel free to link to this poll where ever you like. Indeed, I'd love to get as many answers as possible.
[Poll #994801]
Thanks, and sorry for the confusion!

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If you're here for the Television poll, I screwed up the privacy of the poll and had to resubmit, so it's now HERE.



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