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 So, over the last couple of days, I've watched through the pilot of Falling Skies. I've always had a thing for Noah Wyle, and a smaller thing for Peter Shinkoda, so it's no surprise that I liked both of their characters straight off. I really love well-done post apocalyptic narratives (which reminds me that I've never finished Jericho, dag nabbit!), and I think Falling Skies qualifies, right down to the sappy-but-necessary "give my child a TINY BIT of normal in an insane and ruined world" moment at the end of the episode.

I'll have more thinky thoughts on this as I get into it, I'm sure, but for now, I'll just say that I like it and I hope it continues not to suck.

And if you want a different take on the Skitters and Mechs, read Huntersglenn's fabulous Magnificent Seven series The Heavens Shall Tremble. Set in the Old West with no characters from Falling Skies improbably transplanted there, it's a great look at what would have happened had the skitters landed in Four Corners. Fab writing and great characterizations.

Off to clean for a while, while the guys in the TRUE THINKY THOUGHTS department write more and better code for me to debug. Oh, and I should cook, too.

Master List for Operation Reclaim Fandom is here. If you think of something else, feel free to add it in a comment there. I'll feel free to reject or accept or just not get 'round to your suggestions :).


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