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I thought I'd clarify something about these commentaries, because an outside friend asked me about them. No, I was not spoiled for either film. I had no interest in seeing them and therefore wasn't anywhere I needed to ward against spoilers. And any friends who might have had an inkling that I might someday become interested in watching the films were smart enough not to spoil me because they're stellar like that!

I also wrote the commentaries during my initial watching of the films. Often in this house a film can take me up to a day or two to watch (for instance, I was interrupted by an abrupt and unscheduled end to naptime at about 35 mins into Winter Soldier and got back to it 8 hours later. Gives me more time to think about the scenes I'm commenting on, but I do not watch parts and then come back and comment. Which means I probably comment on things in a way that is totally and completely wrong in the final analysis.

But that's the fun, right?

Again, drop in that disc and play along.
Your commentary begins here... )

Now I really do need to go watch Agents of SHIELD, because I wonder what they did with it once Winter Soldier happened.

And I have to write the Cap fic that's been trying to burrow its way out of my brain since I started watching Winter Soldier (which, for the record, took 52 hours to watch. Seriously. Welcome to my life on the weekends (if I hadn't had deadlines on Friday, I'd've watched the whole thing in one go).

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I decided to finally watch Captain America. I've thoroughly loved the Iron Man, Thor, and Avengers movies, so I figured it was time to bite the bullet.

I kind of love Chris Evans, lots and lots and more and more as I watch him. Not HUGELY fond of Steve Rogers, but he'll do—honestly, I'm more of a Johnny Storm/Jake Jensen sort of gal. But again, Mr. Clean has his charm and it's about time I watch the part of the Marvel movieverse I've been missing.

Cue up the film and read the commentary... )

OKAY! Next up: Winter Soldier! (But not right now.)


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