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Well, that didn't quite turn out how I'd wanted it to. The week has sucked in real life, which meant not a lot of time to write. So there are only three fics for this week, but I'm working on a couple more that should be up soon.

Day 2: Weathering the Storm (MCU, Rhodey and Tony): A discussion had at the end of Iron Man 2, as Rhodey and Tony are headed back to California from the ceremony in DC. Light angst and major broship.

Day 3: Night of the Living Elves (Stargate Atlantis, the team): [personal profile] kronette wanted Santa-like beings visiting Atlantis. With zombies.

Day 4: Intolerable Conditions (Supernatural, season three, Bela fic): [personal profile] red_b_rackham wanted Dean to get a virus where, if he slept, he died. So... yeah.

That's it for this week. God willing, I'll write more this week.

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This is for [personal profile] kronette, who asked for the Atlantis team meeting a planet full of Santas.

With zombies.

If you would like a zombie fic for Christmas, go here and sign up! It's fun!

Stereotypical Christmas )

You know I expect you to beta this, too, [personal profile] kronette ?

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I contemplated making an open request for fic prompts for December, but we'll have company and stuff and I'm currently obsessed by zombies...

So how about this? I promise to write ficlets (minimum 500 words) for the first five prompts posted in the comments. I may fill more if I have time, so feel free to comment even if you're sixth or seventh or whatever (seriously, I don't have very many friends—it's not like the odds of winning the lottery). The only trick is that it'll be a zombie-themed fic.I PLAN to write one ficlet a day until Christmas, which would mean everyone who replied would probably get a ficlet, but we'll see how that goes.

Prompts don't need to be Christmas-related, but that'd be fun, wouldn't it? :)

Fandoms I will write in:
  • LOSERS! (Good God, how could I forget? ESpecially when I've already written zomfic in this universe!)
  • Sentinel
  • MCU (Movies or Agent Carter only—I am so far behind on the various other shows)
  • Stargate Atlantis
  • Magnificent Seven (Old West or ATF only)
  • You can suggest a different fandom I've written in before, but I reserve the right to refuse.

Also, remember that zombie doesn't necessarily just mean an undead body with a taste for brains... See Merriam-Webster and Wikipedia's helpful disambiguation page for other uses.


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