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 So, I've decided it's finally time to lose the baby weight, since, you know, they're THREE! I used to love running back in the day, and I figured I'd try this thing they call Zombies, Run! to try to make it more fun. 

Zombies, Run! is a set of audio clips—kind of like a radio show—where you are an operative who is supposed to be dropped in a town called Abel Township to help with a zombie infestation, only you're shot down before you can get there and have to run through zombie-infested forests to get there. In between the radio spots, your own music playlist plays, so you sort of set the pace of your run by choosing your music.

It was damn fun! You can pick a half-hour or full hour run, and today I chose a full hour, but with music that would keep me at a fast walking pace to try to ease myself back into the whole working out thing. I purposely picked a lot of songs that I think of as zombie-compatible, and that led to awesome cool things like the radio operator telling me to run through the old empty city toward the abandoned hospital and then having Gorillaz' Last Living Souls come on, or finally arriving safe at the base and having Coldplay's The Scientist (which is forever linked to Farscape's John Creighton, but I digress) be my cool down.

One hour, only 3.3 miles, but a good start and a lot of fun.

And now I kind of want to write a fic!blog as Runner Five! (And yes, there is indeed ZR! fanfic.)


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