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So, here's the deal. I finally finished A Chasm in Two Jumps and am posting it. But in spending two crazy months on it, I neglected a ton of things I'd planned to get done before the end of this year. Here, so that it's all out there, is a list of the things I plan to work on in the order I plan to work on them. I have decided I'm not allowed to work on anything new until I complete these.
  • One Day at Red Cliff (Mag 7 series) — 4/7 done. 
  • The Losers' Tour Book (The Losers series) — 4/5 done. Roque is HARD!
  • Moments (MCU series) — 1/5 done. This is my hc_bingo bingo and must be done by end of December.
  • Writ in Remembrance (Mag 7 series) — 3/9 done. 
  • Inexorable Imperative (MCU) — 50% done. I love this story. It needs a freakin weed whack like whoa, but it may be the second favorite unfinished listed here.
  • Family Business (Mag 7 series) — 1.5/4 done. Poor Maude has had her story half finished for more than a year and a half!
  • Untitled Fusion fic (Mag 7/Pacific Rim fusion) — 40% done. This would be my first favorite unfinished.
  • Untitled Zombie series (Mag 7) — 2 halves of 7 done. Ezra/Chris Old West with zombies. Is there a bad here?

It's gargantuan, I know, but I feel like, if I can get these done I'd be free of some baggage. 


Because of course, after all this is Two Gentlemen of Atlantis, which needs a revamp and to be, you know, WRITTEN!
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 Gosh, thanks, [personal profile] farad ! Because of that Guilt prompt (which led to Now He Knows, which is a companion piece to Because You Are Nine, which was supposed to be followed by an Ezra and Chris fic), I now have ANOTHER new Magnificent Seven series brewing in my head (because now I want to see that day from Buck's point of view, too). Which sucks, because I am still trying to finish Family Business, which has two very large fics left on it (and Sons isn't even finished yet!!).

And then there's the whole "prompts for The Losers" thing that keeps showing up.

Clearly, I need to quit my job and hire a nanny to care for my children on their off time so that I can concentrate on writing. *nods* Yeah, that's the ticket!


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