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So, here's the deal. I finally finished A Chasm in Two Jumps and am posting it. But in spending two crazy months on it, I neglected a ton of things I'd planned to get done before the end of this year. Here, so that it's all out there, is a list of the things I plan to work on in the order I plan to work on them. I have decided I'm not allowed to work on anything new until I complete these.
  • One Day at Red Cliff (Mag 7 series) — 4/7 done. 
  • The Losers' Tour Book (The Losers series) — 4/5 done. Roque is HARD!
  • Moments (MCU series) — 1/5 done. This is my hc_bingo bingo and must be done by end of December.
  • Writ in Remembrance (Mag 7 series) — 3/9 done. 
  • Inexorable Imperative (MCU) — 50% done. I love this story. It needs a freakin weed whack like whoa, but it may be the second favorite unfinished listed here.
  • Family Business (Mag 7 series) — 1.5/4 done. Poor Maude has had her story half finished for more than a year and a half!
  • Untitled Fusion fic (Mag 7/Pacific Rim fusion) — 40% done. This would be my first favorite unfinished.
  • Untitled Zombie series (Mag 7) — 2 halves of 7 done. Ezra/Chris Old West with zombies. Is there a bad here?

It's gargantuan, I know, but I feel like, if I can get these done I'd be free of some baggage. 


Because of course, after all this is Two Gentlemen of Atlantis, which needs a revamp and to be, you know, WRITTEN!
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So, what does Dean have on her plate?
  • Son graduating kindergarten and starting his first summer of actual summer (meaning I have to do my work around his camp schedule so I can hang with him when he's home)? Check!
  • Wife starting another round of chemo this month and going back to work as well? Check!
  • Two mostly-full time jobs? Check!
  • Raising three kids? Check, check, and check!

So of course, I go and do this... )

Serious lack of good judgement aside, I'm actually quite excited to do it. I think I'm going to try it the same way I did last time and limit myself to five fandoms (MCU, Losers, Mag 7, maybe Atlantis, and possibly Sentinel), trying to do at least one bingo that contains a story from each of the five. I might also try doing some other media as well, though I don't think I'm up for vidding right now. Nowhere near the time to do that!

Or, you know, any of it.



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