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They Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Yes, I know, it isn't even Halloween, and normally I wouldn't even think to post this call now, BUT... Last year sucked. I got almost no zombie Christmas fics written, and the ones I did I mostly wasn't happy with, so this year, I shall prepare!!

To whit....

Calling All Zombie Fans!

I aim to write 25 zombie fics (winter-festival-theme optional) to be published one a day between December 1 and December 25. But I need your help. Please prompt me here! Anything you want, as long as zombies are involved. Keep in mind that zombie has a lot of meanings, so, you know, go nuts.

If you want to, you can help me fill a whole zombie blackout bingo in my [community profile] hc_bingo  card. It's under here, if you want to take a look and see if you have a prompt that fits it. If an hc_bingo prompt is taken, it'll be zombified because I think that's cool.

taking care of somebody loss of job / income surgery secret identity discovered telepathic trauma
arrest heat exhaustion / heat stroke theft hunger / starvation self-harm
dub-con strapped to a moving vehicle WILD CARD brainwashing / deprogramming heart attack / heart trouble
mutation mistaken identity eating disorders poisoning archaic medical treatment
wings minor illness or injury depression drowning isolation

SO... Any ideas?

Date: 2016-10-24 01:59 am (UTC)
kronette: (Default)
From: [personal profile] kronette
I want wings for John/Rodney, SGA. Set it after The Siege III when Rodney's dead on his feet, so he can be the 'zombie'. Any plot will do for this, but if you want something more specific, let me know.

Taking care of somebody - Rodney having to take care of Badly!Injured!Carson on a planet where no one stays dead.

Date: 2016-10-24 04:26 am (UTC)
kronette: (Default)
From: [personal profile] kronette
*beams happily*

Date: 2016-10-27 05:38 am (UTC)
red_b_rackham: (Default)
From: [personal profile] red_b_rackham
*cracks fingers* I'm just gonna go nuts here. Take or leave whatever you want, combine, change, flip, toss, whatever. GO DEANNIE GO!

-The Losers - the guys go to stop a baddie with a bio weapon. Everything's fine until they're sharing celebratory drinks after the mission and somebody's acting distinctly not okay and it's only getting worse. (Bingo card: Poisoning. Zombie reference: somebody's drink is a "zombie", "a mixed drink made of several kinds of rum, liqueur, and fruit juice")

-Supernatural: Sam held up the needle. "Are you sure you want to do this? Because there’s no turning back."
Dean exhaled. He wished his pale hands would stop shaking. "Y-yeah." (Bingo: archaic medical treatment. Zombie: dealer's choice)

-Agent Carter: Peggy was just supposed to be picking up some files from Howard, not spending 48 hours locked in his panic room with him, avoiding what may or may not be an apocalypse. (Bingo: isolation. Zombie: perhaps some sort of virus, whether caused by something wacky or by Howard himself, causes zombie-esque symptoms.)

-Supernatural: “I just want you to know that you were never alone.” Any, but bonus if this involves John somehow. (Bingo: taking care of someone. Zombie: zombie-like-monster attack goes bad, character A gets stitched up by character B.)

-Quantum Leap: Sam leaps into a guy who's got himself stranded in the desert - no supplies, no map, nothin'. Al can't find info, maybe even blips out for a time because of a severe power outage or some such on his end, but comes back to talk a suuuper dehydrated, delirious Sam to civilization. (Bingo: heat exhaustion/heat stroke. Zombie: a person who moves very slowly and is not aware of what is happening especially because of being very tired)

-Star Trek (reboot movies): McCoy gets mistaken for some scientist who (accidentally?) created a plague that wiped out half a planet. Aliens take him captive for revenge, everything is awful. KIRK TO THE RESCUE... (Bingo: mistaken identity. Zombie: plague thing?)

-MCU: what if HYDRA got a hold of TONY? What if they brainwashed him? What if they sent him back in, programmed to kill the Avengers? (Bingo: brainwashing/programming. Zombie: brainwashed/dead inside)

-Star Wars, Force Awakens: Poe (and/or Finn) introduces Rey to the concept of telling scary ghost stories around the fire. Except then Rey totally has the best one, told with such a straight face they think she's dead serious (even though they laugh it off and are Super Tough guys who Aren't Scared, except then they basically spend the entire night wide awake and unable to sleep. And in the next day's briefing, Leia finds the whole thing hilarious. (Bingo: dealer's choice. Zombie: related in somebody's scary story)

-Supernatural: some ghost or something is invading Bela's mind, and she can't get it out on her own. It wouldn't be so bad if the ghost wasn't just chattering about inane nonsense constantly. She turns to Dean and Sam for help when she simply can't take it anymore. (Bingo: telepathic trauma. Zombie: Bela's run to incomprehensible exhaustion by the end - dangerously so. Bonus points for Dean/Bela shippiness.)

-Castle: somebody at the hospital stumbles in, bitten by what looks suspiciously like a human bite. they go crazy and die less than 24 hours later. Castle is determined the cause of death of ZOMBIE and they need to lock down the corpse. Beckett thinks it's another one of his bonkers theories. Ryan's not sure - especially when the corpse goes missing. (Bingo: mutation. Zombie: ;D)

-Supernatural: Some sort of Pg-13 dub-con sex pollen-esque situation with Dean and Bela. I have no idea how it could possibly relate to zombies but I'm sure you could find a way. XD Lots of snarky banter. Bonus if the solution to the problem is THOUGHT to be sleeping together (double bonus if they go through with it) but turns out not to be in the end. (Bingo: dub con. Zombie: not in control of one's actions?)

-Avengers/MCU: hoard of actual mother-loving zombies beating down the doors of Avengers Tower. The only ones home at that moment are the ones left behind (only 3 or 4 of them, tops), recovering from various injures after a recent mission gone wrong. Bonus if those 3 or 4 include some more unusual combos, ie Bucky + Jane, Clint + Sif, Pepper + Phil, Tony + Sam. (Bingo: minor illness or injury. Zombie: actual literal zombies XD)

-Firefly: Do we know what actually happened to Earth That Was? What if Earth was wiped out by a plague/virus? What if that virus crops up once in a while and is the actual cause of the Reavers? (*in the vein of the movie, with the information from the planet Miranda.) Something possibly immediately in the aftermath, something desolate. Something maybe dealing with the crew of Serenity grimly battling Reavers, knowing what they know post-Miranda. (Bingo: dealer's choice. Zombie: reavers!)

Annnd some more general ones - tweak/combine/whatever as needed:

-The Losers: They didn't know Clay was so afraid of drowning until after Clay almost drowned. The 'why', they found out much later. (Bingo: drowning. Zombie: ?)

-Any: "If you expect me to save the day with a lighter and a pen, you sorely overestimate my skills."

-Supernatural: Having Cas mad at them is one thing. Having Cas trying to kill them is another. Dean's trying not to panic and Sam isn't doing much better. (Bingo: Wings)

-Any: "So this is my three hundred and fifty-eighth Thursday. The SAME Thursday." (Bonus if it's Agent Carter or Castle.)

-Avengers/MCU: "I've never seen an actual zombie before." "Well, now you have. Feel better?" "Um, no."

-Supernatural: "You TOOK it? Why am I not surprised." (Bonus if this is Dean + Bela related, double bonus if it's shippy. ;D)

Date: 2016-11-25 10:52 pm (UTC)
red_b_rackham: (Default)
From: [personal profile] red_b_rackham
*cackling* you're welcome.

(YASSS. Do it!! You know, when you have time.)


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