Ideas from Hope

Date: 2016-11-22 05:01 pm (UTC)
deannie: Don't Bother Me (Default)
From: [personal profile] deannie
These are ideas from Hope over at betabranch:

Post Winter Soldier
So I don't know if you've ever written for Bucky, but the first one's about him. I immediately thought of what might have happened differently to Bucky once Hydra fell. (All au from here on.) They were always giving him injections and pills and he didn't know that some were actually helping him. My idea is that if he doesn't get those certain injections, he'll revert back to his original age with added mutations. (It basically makes him a zombie.) The reason is that the serum they gave him way back when hadn't been perfected, and they had to do routine resets to it, or it would destroy him from the inside out. (This is Hydra, they probably had tons of failsafes.) So the prompt hits deprogramming and also mutation.

Post Age of Ultron
A super wacky, dreamlike fic about Wanda dealing with Pietro's death. She keeps seeing him every time she tries to use her powers, and it's the zombified version of how he last looked. He tells her it's all her fault, and he's "coming for her" and sometimes he hurts her. She'll wake up/snap out of it with cuts and injuries that she believes him to be causing, but she's actually the one doing it subconsciously. So this hits telepathic trauma and self harm. Eventually, she figures it out, has a talk with one of the team (probably Clint, because they both feel guilty) and it gradually goes away.

Post/Circa Civil War
I super loved Sam's buddy Red Wing in Civil War, and when I saw the wings prompt, this idea sprang forth. Tony wanted to do some upgrades on it, and was tinkering with it in his lab when it flew into the Cradle (thing that created Vision) and accidentally got a body. So the body is a zombie, (cause it's really just a glob of synthetic skin) and moves suuuper slow, tho it can still fly. And Tony could fake heart trouble to escape Sam's wrath when he finds out, knocking out wings and heart trouble. :lol:
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