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Here's my first bingo for this year's hc_bingo. Chasm is a bingo achievement, but I have to have a regular old bingo first.

Author: [personal profile] deannie 
Series: Moments
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Medium: fic
H/C: brainwashing/deprogramming, skeletons in the closet, loss of powers, stalkers, self-harm
Achievements: Steadfast Achievement (all MCU), Green Screen Achievement (All MCU), Tune-In Achievement (All Natasha-POV Missing scenes from MCU films)

Title: Masks
Prompt: loss of powers
Wordcount: 768
Rating: G
Summary: Dumping SHIELD’s secrets onto the internet had been exactly the right thing to do—she didn’t regret it for a moment—but she was feeling far, far too exposed, all of a sudden. Anonymity had always been her armor...

Title: Safe House
Prompt: skeletons in the closet
Wordcount: 767
Rating: G
Summary: They’d all been laid bare, hadn’t they? Every secret worming itself to the surface, every skeleton escaping the depths of the closet.

Title: Vigil
Prompt: self-harm
Wordcount: 880
Rating: G
Summary: Her hands were shaking suddenly, and she let them, let her whole body shake as it needed to, to purge the fear and overcome it. The Hulk had been angry with her. With her specifically, which made sense. She’d been the one to bring Bruce back to the world, to expose him to this madness that was SHIELD. It stood to reason he’d want to go after her.

Title: The Drive
Prompt: brainwashing/deprogramming
Wordcount: 1165
Rating: G
Summary: “Did you forget the standard post-brainwashing procedure?” he asked. It was just on the edge of twisting a knife—like his comment about being unmade back on the helicarrier—and she ignored the subtle venom this time, too.

Title: Donuts
Prompt: stalkers
Wordcount: 983
Rating: G
Five minutes ago, Tony Stark had simply been waiting to die. Now he was pissed off enough to live, just to spite a man with an eyepatch who intimated that he might be wrong.

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