Nov. 18th, 2015

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So, life here continues to be a roller coaster with screaming hot vats of oil waiting to douse me at random intervals. Still, I've managed to get something done.

I'm doing National Fanfiction Writing Month. Meaning that I'm trying to write at the same pace as a Nanowrimo, but working on fics I've been meaning to write and series I've been meaning to finish. I've gotten a lot done, but sadly, Nanowrimo says if I keep going like this, I'll be done sometime mid-December. BOO.

Anyway, here's the update so far...

Day 18 — 20,818 words written (about 40% done)

Fics worked on:

Fics still in line (remember, the rule is that I can only write series and fics I'm trying to finish):

  • Vin's fic (fic 7/7 in the One Day at Red Cliff series)
  • Writ in Remembrance (Mag 7 series. No idea anymore how many fics this is going to be. At least Ezra and Buck.)
  • Family Business (Mag 7 series. Need to finish On the Matter of Sons and write On the Matter of Fathers.)
  • Inexorable Imperative (MCU. 50% done. I love this story. It needs a freakin weed whack like whoa, but it may be the second favorite unfinished listed here.)
  • Untitled Fusion fic (Mag 7/Pacific Rim fusion. 40% done. This would be my first favorite unfinished and I really want to finish it.)
  • Untitled Zombie AU (Mag 7 series. 1 and 2 halves finished. Not sure how many stories there will be but at least 10 eventually)

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Here's my first bingo for this year's hc_bingo. Chasm is a bingo achievement, but I have to have a regular old bingo first.

Author: [personal profile] deannie 
Series: Moments
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Medium: fic
H/C: brainwashing/deprogramming, skeletons in the closet, loss of powers, stalkers, self-harm
Achievements: Steadfast Achievement (all MCU), Green Screen Achievement (All MCU), Tune-In Achievement (All Natasha-POV Missing scenes from MCU films)

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