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Fic recs for people who want to read about the boys taking care of the boys.

No Good Deed, by farad 
I really like this one not just for the hurt and the comfort, but for the subtle play of the Seven's relationship with each other. Ezra being stupid and doing Ezra things (heroic Ezra things, of course), and Vin being the big ball of screwed up guilt that he is, and Nathan and the rest managing to take care of people who don't quite figure they deserve taking care of... It's nice. :)

Trouble, by Tipper
There are a lot of ways to take care of someone. I love Chris's way of doing it here. :)

More Than Gold, by NotTasha
I love dragging sick/injured people through hell stories, especially when the twists are as delicious and the hurt/comfort pay off is as rewarding as this one. One of my favorite rainy day H/C stories.

Vigil, by Mendax
Sitting vigil beside the sick can be a difficult writing proposition. Mendax makes it look easy. I love this look at how danged uncomfortable Ezra'd be doing this.

No Good Deed, by Helen Adams
Buck, Ezra, a bear trap, and a cut up hand. Oh, the angst and h/c and humor

Across the Andes, by NotTasha
Part of NotTasha's fabulous Amazon Series, this is Ezra taking care of Vin for once. It's lovely!

Cave In, by KellyA
I love cave in stories. I love when they include floods. I love this fic.

He Sees and He Understands, by sablecain
Again, a different kind of taking care of people, but this is all about two men with old pains trying to keep each other from falling apart.

Angry Words, by Wyvern
A staple in the world of Magnificent Seven writing tropes is "Ezra is denigrated by the group, yet saves the day, getting smushed but good in the process." I like this take on it, because you have third person taking care of him followed by the Seven. It's fun!

A Good Man Down, by LaraMee
It's fun when you make a man do what he just doesn't think he can do—like take out a bullet when Nathan's not around.

I think this took me three times as long as it should have—I kept reading the fics!

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