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deannie ([personal profile] deannie) wrote2016-11-30 10:49 am
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Nanowrimo is dead, long live hc_bingo!

So... I done fixed Nanowrimo's little red wagon! 51,554 words, my friends. IS AWESOME!

It turned out to be one whole bingo, two random fics, and five Supermag blackout fics. I'm really planning to finish the Supermag blackout by the end of the year, and I'm working on They Came Upon a Midnight Clear (which is also a blackout, I hope), and...

Anyway, here's a rundown of everything as we head into the last month of the Year of Writing...

NaNo—51,544 words as of 11/30!

[community profile] getyourwordsout — 345,839 as of 11/30.
I've posted 71 fics this year so far, and finished 5 others. 

[community profile] hc_bingo — 
Complete—68,053 words
Eighteen Hundred and Sixty (straight line bingo) [3759 words]
Four Corners Bingo (four corners bingo) [1599 words]
Art Is Words (diamond bingo) [0 words]
Women on the Border (border bingo) [22,612 words]
A History of Falling (postage stamp extra) [17,808 words]
The Shirt Series (parallel lines extra) [22,275 words]

In Progress—52,470 completed words
It Ain't Home, But It's Here (straight line extra) [20442 words] — COMPLETE and unposted
Untitled Supermagnificents AU series (blackout bingo) [7 completed, 3 unfinished—16871 completed]
Crossover Cross (crossover bingo)—[3 completed—14,429 completed]
They Came Upon a Midnight Clear—[1 in progress]

I'm trying to find time to write every day between now and when the kids go on Christmas break. We'll see how much I accomplish...