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2016-12-31 08:11 pm
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PICSPAM: Never a Bad Peace

This picspam is part of a series called The Tascosa Saga, which is part of the Supermagnificents AU. 

Benjamin Franklin said... )
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2016-12-30 11:03 am
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META: Was That Really Vin I Just Saw? AUs in Mag7 Fandom

(This is inspired by the hc_bingo prompt Mistaken Identity.)

Fandom is known for throwing its characters into new and unusual situations. In part, of course, it’s why we write—because we’re craving something the source media isn’t giving us (or isn’t giving us enough).

Sometimes that means more than just making Starsky and Hutch go through a wicked undercover job involving cross-dressing and psycho killers. Sometimes, it involves taking the characters out of their own universe and putting them into ours. It’s called writing an alternate universe, and in the Magnificent Seven fandom, we do it a lot.

I mean a lot, people... )

In conceiving my Supermagnificent universe, I went in knowing that I wanted other people to write in it. I didn’t want to be alone in my sandbox. Taking a page from MOG’s handbook, I posted a bible for the universe and tried to leave enough open and unanswered in the origin piece, Assembly, to allow others to grab any of the many balls and run with them.

Has it succeeded? Well, it’s early yet. The problem, as an AU originator, appears to me to be letting the AU grow without you. I have HUNDREDS of ideas about how the boys could work. I want to write them all, but I don’t want others to look at that as canon.

So this series I’m writing now? It isn’t canon. There IS no more canon. There are only  Assembly and the bible, okay? I promise. See the super version of the boys anyway you want—every way you want.

That’s the funny old thing about Magnificent Seven fandom, it seems. We all see the boys in a thousand different faces, and we want everyone else to see them, too.

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2016-10-24 09:19 am

HC ART: Showing Your Hand for a Friend

 This one goes with my story Found at the Foot of Fallen Bluff, and fulfills the [community profile] hc_bingo  prompt "Secret Identity Discovered" (even if Hannibal didn't know it was discovered). It's a scene I always wanted to see—Hannibal Heyes and Ezra Standish, playing poker. 
Showing Your Hand for a Friend )

I know, not the coolest piece of art you've ever seen, but... Best I can do. For two men who play poker so darn much, it's hard to get them playing from complementary camera angles!
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2016-09-26 02:46 pm

HC-Bingo update #4

  [community profile] hc_bingo , three and a half (almost) months in and I'm already falling down on the documenting job. This should have been done a week and a half ago, but... c'est la vie!

Currently I have 35 works posted as part of completed bingos or extras, 2 posted for an in progress bingo, and 1 more that is completed but not posted as a sequel to an in progress bingo. Definitely don't suck

Oh, and my total (posted) word count for the card is 59,799. Lunacy, truly.

My bingo card (which I no longer admit to ever having hated) is here.

The chaos is within. )

Will this Bingo Night ever end!? 

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2016-08-16 12:54 pm

HC_Bingo Update #3

 [community profile] hc_bingo , two months in... The obsession goes ever onward, but I don't know how many finished pieces I'll have to show for it.

Currently I have 19 works posted as part of completed bingos or extras, 7 posted for an in progress bingo, and 3 more that are completed but not posted for in progress bingos. I'm rather chuffed, actually.

Oh, and my total (posted) word count for the card is 35, 713. Not damn bad, if I do say so myself.

My bingo card (which I initially hated, but now kind of like a lot, mostly) is here.

The chaos is within. )

The obsession continues.... 
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2016-07-14 12:14 am

HC_Bingo update #2

Here we are, nearly a month into [community profile] hc_bingo . How am I doing? Well, let's see, shall we?
To do a run on the card (every possible bingo, every possible extra, every possible achievement), you need to have an absolute minimum of 134 fills (you need to have 10 bingos to fulfill all the content-based achievements and two blackouts to make sure you got the blackout subachievements, you know). So... yeah. That's a lot! 

Currently I have 14 works completed as part of completed bingos, plus 3 more that are completed for bingos in progress. Only 117 to go.


Anyway, My bingo card (which I initially hated, but now kind of like a lot, mostly) is here.

The chaos is within. )

The obsession continues....
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2016-07-11 10:38 am
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Surgery: Professionals Art

This is the entry for the prompt "surgery" for my all-art hc-bingo. I post it today, because [personal profile] solosundance seems a little blue, and I thought she might like some Bodie angst...

Art below.... )
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2016-06-23 02:25 pm

Taking Care of Somebody: Magnificent Seven fic recs

Fic recs for people who want to read about the boys taking care of the boys.

Fic recs under here... )

I think this took me three times as long as it should have—I kept reading the fics!

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2016-06-23 10:15 am

Isolation: Magnificent Seven icons

Here's a set of Magnificent Seven icons on the theme of isolation (using "being alone in something" as the definition there).
Again, something I haven't done in a long time!
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2016-06-22 01:24 am

Wings: Afraid to Land artwork

 It's been a very long time since I've done this, but....

Here's a piece of art... )

Obviously a Supermagnificent AU piece.
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2016-06-21 06:55 pm

Haunted: Chris Larabee playlist

All right, I've never done a playlist before, but I'm trying for a Multimedia bingo on my hc_bingo card, so...

Not sure that's how you do it, but it's done now, so... There it is!
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2016-06-20 09:43 am

Okay... never mind

So, I accomplished my first bingo of the year, yay me, and I went and asked for a new card because I wasn't liking mine so much. This is what I got.

Suddenly liking that first one much better... )

If I could ditch de-aging and all the mate-for-life soul-bonding, I'd be good, because dude, forced to hurt somebody and electrocution...? Yeah, those I could do. In fact, I could do this whole darn board excepting the aforementioned mate/soul/de-aging... Ah well! The other one really is growing on me!

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2016-06-19 11:19 pm

HC_BIngo: horizontal


This bingo is a series of vignettes that take place in the year 1860 in the Supermagnificent AU

1860: Vin Tanner )
1860: Nathan Jackson )

1860: Buck Wilmington )

1860: Chris Larabee )
1860: Ezra Standish )

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2016-06-18 07:52 pm

So... HC-Bingo...

I don't like my card much. I mean, I don't hate it, but it's definitely not the amazing hot bed of fantastic ideas that 2014's was.

Luckily, I have a full blown bingo in my head for it so I can bang that out and get a new card ASAP :).

And yes, I'm not normal. I get that.

My hc_bingo card )

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2015-11-18 03:45 pm

Vertical Bingo: Moments (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Here's my first bingo for this year's hc_bingo. Chasm is a bingo achievement, but I have to have a regular old bingo first.

Author: [personal profile] deannie 
Series: Moments
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Medium: fic
H/C: brainwashing/deprogramming, skeletons in the closet, loss of powers, stalkers, self-harm
Achievements: Steadfast Achievement (all MCU), Green Screen Achievement (All MCU), Tune-In Achievement (All Natasha-POV Missing scenes from MCU films)

Read more... )

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2015-09-25 08:55 pm

Accountability, thy name is Dreamwidth

So, here's the deal. I finally finished A Chasm in Two Jumps and am posting it. But in spending two crazy months on it, I neglected a ton of things I'd planned to get done before the end of this year. Here, so that it's all out there, is a list of the things I plan to work on in the order I plan to work on them. I have decided I'm not allowed to work on anything new until I complete these.
  • One Day at Red Cliff (Mag 7 series) — 4/7 done. 
  • The Losers' Tour Book (The Losers series) — 4/5 done. Roque is HARD!
  • Moments (MCU series) — 1/5 done. This is my hc_bingo bingo and must be done by end of December.
  • Writ in Remembrance (Mag 7 series) — 3/9 done. 
  • Inexorable Imperative (MCU) — 50% done. I love this story. It needs a freakin weed whack like whoa, but it may be the second favorite unfinished listed here.
  • Family Business (Mag 7 series) — 1.5/4 done. Poor Maude has had her story half finished for more than a year and a half!
  • Untitled Fusion fic (Mag 7/Pacific Rim fusion) — 40% done. This would be my first favorite unfinished.
  • Untitled Zombie series (Mag 7) — 2 halves of 7 done. Ezra/Chris Old West with zombies. Is there a bad here?

It's gargantuan, I know, but I feel like, if I can get these done I'd be free of some baggage. 


Because of course, after all this is Two Gentlemen of Atlantis, which needs a revamp and to be, you know, WRITTEN!
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2015-06-17 09:13 am

I'm clearly insane

So, what does Dean have on her plate?
  • Son graduating kindergarten and starting his first summer of actual summer (meaning I have to do my work around his camp schedule so I can hang with him when he's home)? Check!
  • Wife starting another round of chemo this month and going back to work as well? Check!
  • Two mostly-full time jobs? Check!
  • Raising three kids? Check, check, and check!

So of course, I go and do this... )

Serious lack of good judgement aside, I'm actually quite excited to do it. I think I'm going to try it the same way I did last time and limit myself to five fandoms (MCU, Losers, Mag 7, maybe Atlantis, and possibly Sentinel), trying to do at least one bingo that contains a story from each of the five. I might also try doing some other media as well, though I don't think I'm up for vidding right now. Nowhere near the time to do that!

Or, you know, any of it.