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So, I've finally posted my Real Ghostbusters fic to AO3, and I have a particular fic (of which I'm quite proud) called How Many Times? which is a metafic poking fun at how we are such an incredibly whump-centric fandom. [personal profile] kronette  and I were laughing about it in comments, and then I got this from another AO3 member:

No kidding. This is why I hate RGB fan fiction as much as I do. Not only is it boring, but I'm tired of reading about Peter getting the shit stomped out of him. Folks are sick.

Okay... Fine. Why are you reading my fic, then?

So I gave the commenter the benefit of the doubt and joked, "Maybe you shouldn't read any more of my fic ;)." To which she replied:


Wouldn't touch it if me life depended on it, hon. :) I hate slash, and love and respect Peter way too much.

But on a brighter note, why not check out my artwork? I keep Peter show accurate, and I have lots of fun with him. He's my favourite cartoon character ever, and I love to draw him!

Seriously? "I hate you and all you stand for, but hey, come take a look at my art!" Why are you in my space? If you don't like it, don't read it. I am all for respecting other people's squicks and such, but this? This is not respect.



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