Under the wire Friday prompt post

Aug. 12th, 2017 12:04 am
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Yay Friday! Yay the weekend! Yay for prompts!

If you've got ideas you want to share or don't think you'll get to, leave them as comments to this post. If you're looking for something to work on, check out the prompts left here and see what sparks something. And if it does, remember, we'd all love to see it!

Prompts work best with certain bits of info: Character(s)/pairiing, universe, prompt.
Example: Any, any, And when all was said and done, booze was all I had left me.

If nothing today tickles your muse's fancy, there are lots of other prompts at our Del.icio.us archive.

Go forth and prompt!


  • Any, any, And when all was said and done, booze was all I had left me.
  • Chris, and/or Vin; any modern AU; Chris was trying to fix the tractor, but it was winning. And Vin *wasn't* helping at all.
  • Buck, female canine character; any universe; "Aw, c'mon, Chris, she had the saddest eyes I've ever seen - I had to help!"
  • Any, any, things had been so bad lately that he'd come to think of a good day as one where he could sleep with his boots off. If they would come off.
  • Any, any, just their luck that the Yuma Prison break happened the week Chris, Ezra, and Buck were out of town with the Judge . . .

I am That Student.

Aug. 8th, 2017 04:51 pm
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Ugh. I couldn't even stay away for a few days before I caved and explored the recently posted module for my 501 fall course. There's going to be even MORE reading for this and it's over 16 weeks. Huzzah. I really need to dust off my skimming skills from my old school days and stat. I also did the thing where I Challenged Myself to learn as much as I could and signed up for (in order) the group project: folklore, datasets, maps, and institutional records.

I work in a medical library and my best work buds are data librarians. I would like to know more about the subject! I just. Sigh. Daring myself is going to require a lot of consequences on my end.

I still haven't received grades from this summer's class, but they're not due until the 10th, so no harm, no foul. I did my best, and honestly believe it, so that's that.

Work is getting busy again. Ugh, the ramp up for Fall is NEVER FUN EVER. We also had a bit of an informational meeting about a new work software we're migrating to in a couple years. It's going to be a massive pain in the backside, but hey. Y'all want CLOUD BASED STORAGE. *eye rolls* This is such a bad fucking idea, but ok.

My gym is closed this week, so I get to go home tonight! It's super exciting.


Aug. 7th, 2017 11:49 am
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Class is finished! I feel like I should start to chill out about that because I've known other friends who have done grad programs and they were all super chill. But I am Boring and therefore gonna bounce about this for a bit more. \o/

In other news, a new to-do list:

1. Finish up website corrections for the thing.
2. Train student worker twice once.
3. Clean litter box five three times.
4. Cook a meal.
5. Go to the gym three times. Gym closed for maintenance until next week.
6. Finish reading my book.
7. Go to acupuncture.
8. Pick up marble block.
9. Go to bed by 11 every night.
10. Buy paper so as to print out readings for fall class.

In other news my cat is very cute and affectionate.

What a week!

Aug. 6th, 2017 11:22 pm
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This last week I a)finished moving offices at work, b) attended VividCon, c) wrote A FEW THOUSAND WORDS of fic, wtf.

Work is work and needs no mention, really, just - ow my back.

VVC was great - I got to see so many people and this year tried to actually sit down with as many of them as possible. I still didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted with everyone, but I never do, and I have my eye on a couple of people for next year. :D I even saw a vid show, which I don't always do (Inspiration <3) and found time to get some cross-stitch and some writing done.

So much writing! I added scenes to two of my PSA RPF WIPs this week (a threesome and an SGA AU) and started a third (mpreg) (I don't know, why should I know how I end up writing these things). I'm writing on my lunch hour at work and at home and oops dishes nee/d to be done one of these days. *g* I also signed up for a class through Coursera that starts and preps you for NaNo! My goal this year: more than my 5K existing words on the novel. I have a low bar by design - any extra pressure and I get panicky. And then there's my Star Wars and AI RPF (x2) WIPs...
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HI all - I am still working on bingos from the lovely cards that the awesome [personal profile] kayim  created for us, and as it is August and I am trying to avoid doing school prep, I thought I would offer a challenge to distract me

(I also want to see who of us is still around - we've been so quiet lately!)

So here's the challenge: respond with a sentence/prompt that describes a setting, universe, and two to four characters from the series and I will write a comment fic based on that sentence/characters.   Try to post by tomorrow/Sunday night, and I will try to get them all written by the end of the month.  

example:  The saloon was crowded for mid-afternoon, but the fourth day of rain was making it hard for people to work, and the dreariness was getting to everyone. It was what had driven Josiah from his church to set with Nathan and Buck in a table at the back of the saloon, drinking beer and watching Inez benefit from the strange weather.


Inez closed the suitcase, having confirmed that the weapons inside were as advertised, and handed her credit chip to the older man whose attire suggested he was a religious man.  The young man with him grinned again, as if this were some exotic deal, and part of her wanted to chastise him for his naivety and part of her wanted to send him back home, to a life that was safer than this, safer than running guns for the Resistance.

Have AT!


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