Nov. 19th, 2016

deannie: Don't Bother Me (Hemingway)
So, on the good side, I'm just shy of 33,000 for the month of November, just over 327,000 for the year, and lots and lots of fics into hc_bingo.

On the bad side, I have two series that are both for hc_bingo and both superfun to write and... neither is allowing me to finish it.

Add to that, I haven't even started ONE fic for They Came Upon a Midnight Clear. (PLEASE PROMPT ME, BTW!) and I have only three of 10 Crossover Cross fics done... MUH. Need more hours in the day, yo.

A rundown on the writing of me... )

I'm really frustrated, actually. I'm trying to get the Supermagnificents Blackout done, but it's hard going. And I don't want to post the prequel (that's the straight line extra that's complete but unposted) until I've got the rest ready to go. And I'd like to get the Star Trek Reboots out because I like them, but again, the series is an actual series, and I want them all written.

And then there's They Came Upon a Midnight Clear. Which I really want to do again this year—and RIGHT this time. 

BLAH!  I need to have some inspiration and a few uninterrupted weeks of writing.


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